Our story

We want to prove that compromises are in our heads only and show that building the right solutions is possible. Our drive and dedication have ensured Flexiana has delivered true value to businesses since 2016.

Flexiana was founded in Prague by Jiri Knesl. We have branches in the EU and in the USA as well. Our team is spread across the globe (mostly in the EU) and we highly value our diversity.


60+ team members, Service Design extension


47 team members, US branch founded


The company reached profitability


20 team members, became the software polyglots


The main focus on Clojure and Clojure script projects with 10 team members

We believe in


We understand craftsmanship and how it is applied in different contexts.


We all know our position and how we are perceived.


Teams are supported and encouraged to be as autonomous as possible.


The power of the team is in the diversity of opinions and nationalities.


We believe that being remote offers amazing flexibility and options to work within the most talented teams, without geographical limitations.


We believe in cooperation with customers, fast feedback loops and flexibility.

Who you meet

Profile photo of Jiri Knesl

Jiri Knesl


Profile photo of Martin Kostka

Martin Kostka

Account Lead

Profile photo of Marek Rinko

Marek Rinko

Account Manager

Profile photo of Huda Abu El-hassan

Huda Abu El-hassan

Account Manager

Profile photo of Ivo Dimitrov

Ivo Dimitrov

Account Manager

Profile photo of Lukas Rychtecky

Lukas Rychtecky

Tech Lead

Profile photo of Santiago Kojic

Santiago Kojic

Scrum Lead

Profile photo of Katerina Kneslova

Katerina Kneslova

HR Manager