Sales Representative Czech Republic

Let us introduce:

We are Flexiana, full-remote (=you can work from anywhere) company. We do software development for various companies, often from blockchain, finance, fintech, ecommerce.

We are senior-level only company. All people here are expected to be self starting, motivated, disciplined. Really.

We grow. First year we grew to 10 people, second to 20 people, now we are reaching our fourth year with 61 people. Still we are small enough to know each other and have exactly ZERO office politics (not mentioning we have no office).

People here are from (or currently staying in) Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, USA, Poland, Russia, Estonia and other countries. We have 2 branches (EU and USA).

Now we are looking for a person who will:

  • Prospect new sales opportunities
  • Build these opportunities and close deals
  • Manage the account in the beginning of cooperation
  • Help our teams to build a relationship with new customers

We offer:

  • Work from anywhere (firstly it would be better if you could be sometimes in Brno or Prague)
  • With results comes good money (approx 5 % of turnover for 6 months for each project from each customer you will bring – bringing 2 good customers per month will give you a good live even in California or Switzerland)
  • Motivation system is super easy, so you will be able to calculate your income
  • Awesome people here, welcoming, motivated, smart
  • Longterm cooperation
  • We have flat organisation structure
  • Possibility to influence and grow with rising company
  • You will learn a lot


Contact me (Jiri Knesl, CEO) to

Contact immediately!