LegalMate helps to close the gap to access to justice by making legal services more affordable. LegalMate provides financing for clients of legal services, which removes barriers by improving affordability and accessibility.

LegalMate says about us

As a serial founder and technology executive, Flexiana surpassed my expectations with their speed and professionalism. If your team uses Clojure, and needs some help leveling up— Flexiana is a perfect partner. We’d love to (and plan to) work with the team again in the future!”

Anson MacKeracher, CTO & Co-Founder, LegalMate

Our work

The collaboration with LegalMate was absolutely smooth and productivity increased pretty quickly due to well-chosen technologies, defined tasks, tidy backlog and most of all – prompt and thorough introductions by the team.

The tools of choice for the project surely were Clojure and Clojurescript.

We contributed in the front-end w/ReFrame and in the back-end – integrations third-party services into the product. Also introduced Polylith into the project, which fundamentally changed the foundation of the codebase, led to slicing up the monolith into mono-repo with reusable and maintainable components. Benefits will be reaped in the years to come. It was an absolute pleasure to work with LegalMate’s team both from a professional and humane perspective.