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Hubbster is an impact driven organisation whose purpose is to strengthen local communities to create more liveable cities, one neighbourhood at a time. By reinforcing a sense of togetherness and local belonging, we want to build cities which are more resilient to the increasing threats of social division.

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„Flexiana helped us to solve the issues with AWS databases we were working on for a few months already. And they solved it surprisingly fast. I am very happy with our collaboration.“

Henrik Schultz, CTO, OURHUB (HUBBSTER)

Codevelopment and problem solving

Interesting challenges here, with the focus on quick resolution, flexibility and working within a tight budget. We found this project challenging and very satisfying, especially as we were able to do exactly what the customer needed to get them through a tricky situation and help them on the way to the next round of funding.

We started quickly jumping in to assist with the emergency issues that the client faced after the departure of a key staff member. This entailed quickly becoming familiar with a complex codebase and making changes to keep up with changing AWS requirements and the company’s push to expand into other European countries.