The Swedish fintech company Zimpler specialises in direct bank transactions and KYC for businesses.

We are developing a payment processing system that allows users to work smarter and simpler.

We help make different types of deposits and withdrawals from backend to UI (fullstack). We began with creating microservices in Clojure and extending UI written in ClojureScript as a field of our expertise. Furthermore we started maintaining a couple of bigger Ruby projects related to deposits functionality. We also helped develop some parts of the system in Typescript and Go. Our work includes writing tests, fixing issues, proposing solutions, analysing requirements for new features, integrating with external APIs.

Development is based on CI pipeline with integration tests so that each developer can deploy to production even a couple of times during the day. Most of the time we work as a separate team and make features from analysis to the release and use in production and sometimes we are part of other teams to speed up their features delivery. We use Kanban like tasks management.