Financial services

Financial markets are some of the most competitive markets. We will help you to be more competitive.

Solutions we provide:

Agile Transformation Acceleration

  • We will develop with you (codevelopment goes from your IT budget, it doesn’t add to your Transformation budget and you get software along the way)
  • We help to create dynamic, agile environment and we’re a “living proof”



Change Management Systems

  • Our CEO and COO are from Management Consulting & Change Management background having experience with running big transformations and also running and managing smaller more agile organizations.




  • Codevelopment is a better way to develop software over outsourcing or bodyshopping.
  • Codevelopment unlocks agile development within your systems but still fully integrated to you and your goals.



Custom Development & Data Integrations

  • This is what we do and what we excel in (Net Promoter Score 89)

Predictive analytics


Blockchain development


Design Sprint & Intra-company Startups