SaaS - Software as a Service

As the World is moving towards service oriented businesses, SaaS is a natural result of this. SaaS is full service including backups, APIs, support etc.

We are a great partner for your SaaS activities as we possess vital technical skills including:

  •  Agile & Lean development
  •  Continuous Delivery
  •  DevOps
  •  Cloud (We have used all 3 main Cloud providers + Digital Ocean)
  •  Performance optimization
  •  Product management, usability tests, UX & UI

 "A huge improvement is that SaaS is adding new features constantly. For the same price, your product gets better every day."

Our mode of operations is codevelopment.

Codevelopment is ideal for you as you can design and control what the cooperation will look like and we will adapt. You can add or remove roles wherever you feel our strengths can help the most.