Collaboration or outsourcing

We have built dozens of new services. At the client’s request, we supplement their company with one of our teams or we completely take over the responsibility for completing the order. Take advantage of this opportunity to work with a well-coordinated team. This can be confirmed by our clients. We have 20+ satisfied clients in 4 years of our existence.

Our development Builds on your terms

Custom Software

Every business is unique! We approach every client in the same way. Tell us your vision and together we’ll turn the bespoke solution into your company’s competitive advantage. We are experienced from simple customizations to full-cycle SW development that meets your visions. We deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable custom software exactly matching specific needs, budget, and timeframe for all businesses of all sizes.

Custom software


By consolidating business processes into core ERP software solutions you can avoid costly issues in both your supply chain and team work flow. Flexiana is able to bring all your business operations into one single, simple, custom ERP solution. We offer clients comprehensive services in the area of ERP software development and delivery. 



Our mission is to foster the productivity of businesses across all verticals and enable clients to prosper. We help companies get rid of insufficiently digitized processes, improve sales, and increase the efficiency of marketing and customer service teams with custom CRM. Our solutions allow clients to distribute the customer-related workload more effectively, increase profit margins, boost ROI, and attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. 



No progressive company of today can do without online communication with its customers or co-workers. At Flexiana, we work hard to be able to offer strong expertise in web development and bring the best digital tools to our customers suitable for their business. Not only do we develop professional websites, but also advise and help our clients to optimize and boost their existing websites with the quality they deserve and need.  


Mobile Apps

Efficient mobile solutions, perfectly fit your business, budget requirements, and visions are not a fairytale. We can transform your visions into mobile applications. We offer comprehensive services in the area of mobile application development and delivery for all kinds and sizes of businesses, for the MVPs to verify their startup ideas and launch products earlier, or we can be a support when enhancing existing products.


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Voices of our clients

Profile photo of Adam Tornhill

„We have been working with Flexiana for 6 months now on a cutting edge product, and it’s been a very good experience. Their developers are highly skilled and professional, and the communication with Flexiana works well.”

Adam Tornhill, CTO, CodeScene

Profile photo of Nikos Vogiatzis

„We have been collaborating with Flexiana on our Ruby on Rails application for a year now and I am happy to see a notable improvement in the UX within a short period of time, combined with overall quality improvement in our codebase. Flexiana people (both technical and non-technical ones) are communicative and reliable, making it easy to collaborate with.”

Nikos Vogiatzis, Head of Product, Baresquare

Profile photo of Annika Gunnarsson

„Flexiana helped us build new systems in our new micro service architecture. They were great to collaborate with and delivered value very quickly. I would not hesitate to use them again.”

Annika Gunnarsson, Product Owner, Zimpler

Profile photo of Petr Burian

„Flexiana has been helping us push our tools ecosystem forward since 2019. Together, we co-develop various applications that help Livesport employees to be more productive. Developers from Flexiana are experienced as well as communicative, not afraid to offer useful ideas instantly.”

Petr Burian, CTO, Livesport

Profile photo of Paula

„I noticed very soon, that when you have an overall skillful and experienced engineers working in the team, there is no need for specific experience of the product in question. I’m very grateful for Flexiana’s expertise, general insight, patience and understanding. I learned a lot about project leading and development during this project.“

Paula Vahtola, Customer Success Manager, Evolta (Cloudpermit)

Profile photo of Robert Levy

„Can confirm that Flexiana is awesome. I work with a group of Flexiana engineers at Starcity and every one of them is highly adept at idiomatic Clojure and engineering/problem-solving skills more generally. All really friendly, helpful, professional & strong communication skills.“

Robert Levy, Principal Software Engineer, Starcity

Profile photo of Henrik Schultz

„Flexiana helped us to solve the issues with AWS databases we were working on for a few months already. And they solved it surprisingly fast. I am very happy with our collaboration.“

Henrik Schultz, CTO, OURHUB (HUBBSTER)

„I’m glad, that together we have built a team where each member is doing his best for the success of the project. From extensive discussions about architecture, through development and usability, to testing and continuous improvement of team collaboration. Cooperation with Flexiana is very beneficial for us.“

Head of ERP Development, Well-known e-commerce company in the Czech Republic

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