Benefits we bring to the table

Save time

Start work immediately. In a few days, you can have a new team of senior professionals. Save many weeks up to months by recruiting new colleagues, company and department introduction, building a team and setting up processes.

Save cost

Do it without problems. Because the team is on our side you do not have to deal with the usual issues of employees in your company. If the cooperation is terminated, do not have unnecessary costs with the employee’s turnover.


Get transparency and feedback. The Outstanding Owner is your partner of cooperation. You have an overview of what is really happening. In their work, the team thinks about current employees and processes for future connections of change to the company.


With knowledge holders. Experts with several years of experience in their specialization across industries and company sizes. Professionals who enjoy work and continue education in the field and have coaches for personal development.

Use our ready-to-go team

Cooperation owner

Our owner performs strategic and daily activities and is replaced by the owner of the client-side. He actively communicates with stakeholders on the one hand and with the rest of our team on the other. He prioritizes and decides which functionality will be worked on first and which later. The owner is responsible for business value, and customer satisfaction.

Photo of Cooperation Owner

Success manager

This position is a scrum master and project manager in one. Prepare a time estimate and continuously update it, divide the project into stages, coordinate the progress of work, help achieve goals, analyze and eliminate problems, motivate the team to perform better, protect the team from influences.

Photo of Success Manager

Service designer

It is often overlooked and a very important role in the success of the change. Service Designer helps to create improvements. He has a great influence towards a positive impact on people and value for the customer. Performs user research, designs the customer journey map, uses the real resources to prototype, design the service blueprint.

Photo of Service Designer work

Team of experts

Unlike other team roles, these roles are composed of members who are highly qualified in the field. The advantage of these experts to solve the matter with their experience and expertise, which leads to more efficient work. These include researchers, analysts, designers, developers, testers, support and other professionals.

Photo of team experts in outstanding management


Everything’s ready. The basis of the team is built and works every day on internal improvements and occasional changes in our clients’ projects. We need to give an idea and we adapt the building of the rest of the team. Let’s start.

Photo of process in outstanding management