This is where we can most easily create a good impression especially when dealing with customers. Little things can make a huge difference to how we as individuals, and Flexiana as a whole, are perceived.



Arrive in time so that at the allocated time you are attentive and ready to go. In practice this means connecting a few minutes early.



Whoever you are working with should have no doubts as to whether or not you are working that day. Forewarning about time off is important. Fixed working hours (outside of regular meetings) are usually not required, but clarity and openness is.



Cameras on wherever possible. It's easier to communicate when you can see someone’s face. Sometimes a team will adopt a camera off approach and it is ok to follow this. We should not be the leading this though. Background is important too. Anything visible will convey a message on some level. Mostly this is ok. Sci-fi posters, bookshelves and musical instruments convey a positive image of curiosity and creativity, but laundry doesn't. Also be careful of anything that might cause offence. If there is any doubt use a background, assuming the conferencing app in use has them. Similarly for clothing. Shirt and tie are not necessary but details will be noticed.

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