Running team maturity initiative

This document focuses on concrete implementation of team maturity in all teams.

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Some context

Each team owns its methodology. Therefore each team's implementation will be different.

At certain moments, teams might need more skills, infrastructure available or even understanding and buy-in to parts of this methodology.


To resolve this, my suggestions are

  • Establish a Product Owner in each team
  • Provide training for Product Owners
  • Build & give access for teams to be able to implement or adopt their infrastructure to run:
    1. development, pre-prod, and potential production environment
    2. continuous integration, linting, documentation generation
    3. monitoring and alerting
  • Provide training & dedicated person who understands ops & DevOps

Also, there are cultural/managerial points to be expected

  • Each point where the team struggles with implementation is escalated.
  • Management fully supports achieving high team maturity.
  • Not knowing something or not being in a role where these things are expected is not a reason not to do any of these.
  • Each team has at least one person who keeps track of methodology adherence. The percentage of compliance must only increase.
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