Hana Kostovicova

Posted on 2nd July 2018

Our Way

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Flexiana originated in mid-2016 and is the culmination of many years of development and consulting in both IT and business. From the beginning, we set up a remote team with a focus on maximizing professionalism and the seniority of our people. We originally hailed exclusively from the Czech Republic, but we are now a global team. Our DNA is expertise and customer satisfaction.

Remote Work

Over the past couple years, we have learned that in remote systems of work, we need to pay more attention to customer satisfaction, transparency, communication, and collaboration to create a quality product for the customer. Remote collaboration may have its challenges, but it presents an opportunity to acquire the most knowledgeable and skillful talent.


The most important ingredient in success is our team. To deliver results, everyone must work together as one. We make sure that our people are “Doers” – as we promise, we deliver it in perfect quality. We also make sure that they are trustworthy, as trust is the key to cooperation and satisfaction. Lastly, we ensure they are “Network-friendly,” meaning they can work without a permanent social environment.


Our strengths include working on Agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban – not just in the IT area, but throughout the business. Regardless of the method we use, agility is crucial for us. We also love Design Thinking, Lean Startup and behavioral economics.


Tools are not the most important but we still like Slack, G-Suite, GitHub, Bitbucket, Circle CI, and Confluence, among others.


The way we deliver projects is always tailored to the customer’s requirements. We can provide a remote team member, a remote team or a complete turnkey project. In the case of a remote team and a complete turnkey project, Agile methods are used and we pay attention to maximum transparency – i.e., the customer knows every day what we have done and what we will do. Every week or two, the customer sees a complete and functional product increment. Team members are available on a daily basis and management is accessible by phone in case of unexpected situations. Focusing on delivery, transparency and quality is our recipe for success.