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Who we are

Flexiana is a remote team of senior developers.

Our focus is on blockchain, retail, and Clojure, but we are not limited to this. We will help you with your ICO, startup efforts, or product development. All of us have more than five years of professional experience.

Our mission is to develop successful applications for partners from all over the world. Our main partners are either e-commerce, retail, ICOs, companies implementing blockchain projects. However, we are willing to work on almost anything in the field of Clojure, JavaScript, .NET and other languages.


Marek Rinko

Solution Designer

+420 778 436 600

Brian Kramli

Solution Designer

David Noriega

Solution Designer


We are software polyglots

.NET Core
Apache Kafka
Microsoft Azure


Clojure is one of our primary internal languages that we prefer for application development. Our staff of Clojure experts often lecture. They then publish the open source and use it in a variety of contexts, both on the backend and the frontend.

We have experience with various devstacs and libraries including re-frame, duct, prismatic schema, Clojure. specs and dozens more.


Whether you are planning an ICO, need to develop smart contracts, require protocol-level edits, or need to write projects in Cryptome and blockchain, we can help.

We can organize ICOs and develop Solids Smart Contracts, stock exchanges, blockchain applications, wallets and other applications in this field.


We will help you develop e-shop, administration, ERP, data integration, business reporting system, personalization, product search, payments, Cryptome integration and other e-commerce solutions.

We have experience with bigger and smaller e-shops and with different areas of operations.


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