One of our customers is a well-known e-commerce company in the Czech Republic operating in a dynamic environment. The customer’s turnover was 25 billion CZK (=1 billion USD) in 2018 and growing by 20% year on year. Flexiana delivers ⅓ of the development team for this project, the rest is customer’s own development team. We are closely codeveloping as one team. Currently, we are cooperating for more than 3 years on joint development projects.

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The main goal of the project is to enable customer back office operations for further growth and expansion.

“I’m glad, that together we have built a team where each member is doing his best for the success of the project. From extensive discussions about architecture, through development and usability, to testing and continuous improvement of team collaboration. Cooperation with Flexiana is very beneficial for us.”

Head of ERP Development

Customer challenges

When you decide to replace main system with next-gen you should consider the motivation and goal. The goal should never be the replacement only. In order to succeed we have jointly defined following:

Microservices Architecture

The main reasons why we have chosen microservices based architecture follows:

High-level architecture view

High-level architecture view

What we have delivered so far

After almost 3 years of cooperation, Flexiana team together with internal teams delivered following main deliverables:

What challenges did we face?

We should always keep in mind: GO DEEP AND NARROW RATHER WIDE AND SHALLOW.

Mariusz has more than 9 years of experience as a software developer in several companies including Konica Minolta.

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