Frankie is one of our internal systems. It is named after Frankenstein as it is a combination of four applications we use in our hiring process.

Frankie is a guy that helps people to get a place in Flexiana.

Frankie is:

Frankie is a Recruitment & People management tool to assist with activities such as hiring new colleagues and their ongoing development.

So in a nutshell, Frankie helps us from an early stage to after onboarding. Frankie sources the candidates. Our HR reviews the data and sends potential experts a meeting link. To be able to track the process of interviews, other tasks, and onboarding, the candidate’s information will be added to our workspace. Our HR sets the first interview meeting. A questionnaire and test task are sent to the potential new colleague, and follow-ups will be done.

Now it is time for the technical round. Based on the skills a second interview takes place to decide if our candidate is going to be hired now or maybe later. After signing a contract, our new colleague gets access to the company, and the onboarding process and assignments begin.

What makes Frankie different?

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Ela is in the marketing team of Flexiana. After finishing her studies, she got involved with multinational companies. She loves being a remote player as she loves travelling and backpacking.
Jiri's started doing SW development 29 years ago. Before starting Flexiana, he worked in Business & IT management consulting for 9 years. Over his life, he published over 400 articles and presented on dozens of conferences and in more than 50 companies. His hobbies are learning, traveling & mainly time with his family.