Ion Simion

Posted on 24th March 2022

Meet the Developer: Ion Simion

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In this week’s Meet the Developer we are meeting with Ion Simion, a full-stack web developer from Romania. 

How long have you been working at Flexiana?
For the moment, I can count in months, but time flies when having fun.

What do you like the most about your job?
I think it is everyone’s dream to do what they love and if possible also get paid for it. This is what Flexiana has done for me. Plus being a father of three kids – having a flexible schedule is a blessing.  

What does your day normally look like?
A typical day for me begins at 8 AM with dispatching kids to the kindergarten. Then around 9 I get to the office and work for around 6 to 8 hours until my kids return. 

What have you learned from your kids that you apply in your job? 
I learned that my productivity increases with an out-of-home office! On a serious note, when my kids play, they focus only on that, ignoring hunger, mess, dirty hands, being late, etc… Observing this, I learned to live the moment, but also create a distinct separation between work and leisure. I switched to single-tasking mode and stopped bringing my working life at home. This separation of concerns really improved my life-work balance.

What current project are you involved in?
I am working with my team on maintaining a website addon widget, which is used by many reputable brands.

What are your learnings from the project?
Front-end is complicated when you have to make content compatible with all browsers. Many issues can be prevented if using a good IDE (integrated development environment), most people still get stuck on text editors.

What are your goals for the upcoming three months in the project?
To keep working on improving the project, work that may never end as new changes are requested on a weekly basis, and new issues show up caused by these changes. Its recursion.

What excites you the most about working at Flexiana?
I am very excited to work at Flexiana. I’ve met some really nice and smart people here from whom I have a lot to learn. I love functional programming so I got to love Clojure. And considering the future, I opted for Flexiana, which intensively uses Clojure at its core. 

What are your favorite memories from Flexiana?
I remember the first meeting, I was reluctant and nervous. The team noticed and broke the tension. Then they guided me and made me feel a part of the team. 

How would you describe working at Flexiana in a word?
If I were to describe Flexiana in a word, it would be Friendly. Prietenoși.

Finally, would you recommend people working at Flexiana?
I would definitely recommend it to everyone interested. Either as a new team member or a client, they will surely surpass the expectations. The thing with functional programming having close to zero bugs is impressive for everyone. Using Clojure, highly coupled in Flexiana, just makes things easy.