The partnership between Crossbeam and Flexiana has been ongoing for over two and a half years. Eric Nograles, the Director of Engineering for Crossbeam, shares how Flexiana engineers have helped Crossbeam throughout the product-market-fit phase and how Flexiana is now a key partner, as Crossbeam are going through a period of hyper-growth.

Eric explains how the Flexiana engineers are experts in Clojure and other backend languages, have great feedback for your current engineering team to improve upon things, and are partners to your engineering teams and not just some additional hired guns.

Check out the full Crossbeam story above and stay tuned for more videos on the Flexiana YouTube channel.

Ado is a marketer at Flexiana. He is a multilingual with passion for digital and has worked for global corporations as well as run his own impact start-up. When he is not connected you’ll likely find him hiking in the mountains or swimming in the mediterranean sea.