Ado Omerhodzic

Posted on 19th July 2023

Webinar: Empowering Front-End Development with Xiana

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We are back with another exciting webinar! Next week, we will be presenting “A frontend companion for Xiana,” led by our software engineers, Iain Wood and Gustavo Valente. This session will continue to explore the wonders of Clojure development through the Xiana framework.

Unleashing Xiana Blade

In our previous webinar held in June, we provided participants with a solid introduction to Xiana—a lightweight web-application framework written in Clojure. Built for Clojure, Xiana aims to be simple, fast, and an inviting platform for programmers from diverse backgrounds. While Xiana excells in the backend, it only offered a minimal re-frame frontend at that time.

Enter Xiana Blade—the flexible front-end counterpart that expands the framework’s horizons. With Xiana Blade, developers can leverage various front-end technologies, including ready-made components such as Tailwind-UI and other React-based libraries directly from ClojureScript within a Xiana project. This exciting addition to the Xiana ecosystem opens up a world of possibilities for creating sophisticated and feature-rich applications.

Secure Your Spot

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to unlock the full potential of Xiana with Xiana Blade. Register now to secure your spot in the webinar! We look forward to welcoming you to the Flexiana community!