Elaheh Nazari

Posted on 3rd January 2024

2023: Highlights

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2023 with all its ups and downs has come to an end. Flexiana not only expanded its service offerings but also played a significant role in contributing to the broader tech community. Below you can read about some of our achievements.

Constant Development of Xiana

We had multiple webinars on introducing Xiana and Xiana Blade.

 Xiana is a lightweight web application framework written in Clojure, for Clojure. The goal is to be simple, fast, and most importantly – a welcoming platform for web programmers with different backgrounds who want to experience the wonders of functional programming!

Xiana Blade is our vision of a flexible front-end for Xiana, which will enable us to use different front-end technologies, including ready-made components like Tailwind-UI and other React-based libs directly from Clojurescript in an Xiana project.

Broaden Our Portfolio

We added 20 other programming languages as well as developing AI to our portfolio for the convenience of our partners and clients.

Releasing Frankie

Frankie is now ready for recruiters and the Human Resources Team to use. At first, we built Frankie as an internal automation for ourselves, but we were not that selfish to keep it to ourselves as it really is working well. Tell your talent manager to try it for free!

Cicada Twitter

While we were developing our ever-evolving Cicada, unfortunately, Twitter blocked our account. Well, not always good things happen but it didn’t stop us from reconnecting with our community and building the better relationship with our followers.

Multiple Events Participation and Giving Back to Community

Like always we gave back to the Clojure community by supporting different events and meetups, also we ran meetups in Portuguese and Spanish for Latin American Clojurians.

Joining Clojure/Conj 2023 and the very last Strange Loop are also some of the events that we cherish.

Mob Programming Sessions

We ran some sessions together with our developers to show some of the ways to solve different problems when programming.


We are building an all-in-one platform for development teams to trace and track their work together for better productivity, higher quality, and acceleration in all aspects and steps of their work. You can join its newsletter to be able to get early access!

Clojure Corner

Spending some time with Clojurists like Borkdude, Sean Corfield, and Papa Pez should be mentioned, and corner them in our Clojure Corner was joyful and we will have more Clojurists there.

And we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year comparing different languages attitudes: