Khatia Tchitchinadze

Posted on 1st April 2024

Meet our developer – Enyert Vinas

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In this week’s Meet the Developer we are meeting with Enyert Vinas, a senior Software Developer from Venezuela!

How long have you been working on Flexiana?

I have been working for Flexiana for approximately 3 years.

What was your thought the first time you heard about Flexiana?

I discovered Flexiana while I was researching about functional programming. I was looking for a company that gives me the opportunity to participate in the Clojure ecosystem so Flexiana appears! Honestly, I thought the premise of being a company focused on a functional language such as Clojure while offering freedom and a remote-first approach was too good to be true, but happily, I was wrong :)

What does your day normally look like?

My normal day looks like a plane using coffee as energy. I start the flight taking a big cup of coffee, then I start checking my Twitter account, so this helps me to see what is happening in my different worlds. At this point I always take time to organize myself, then I start my journey with some coding activities most of the time. A few meetings and conversations can be added at this time as well. All this journey consumes around 4 cups of coffee. After all this I land the plane, take a little break to work on more personal stuff, and rest a while to start a new flight the next day.

What programming language do you enjoy working with the most, and why?

I have three alternatives here, actually depending on the use case. The first one is Clojure. Clojure offers a functional approach without running too far away from the solutions already provided because it lives in the JVM ecosystem. The second alternative is Python which has clear syntax and a vibrant community that is always growing up and offering solutions in a ton of different fields. The last alternative is C#, as a hobbyist game developer I always use this language when I have to create some of my prototypes in Unity or Godot.

What current project are you involved in, and what have you learned from it?

I am working for GitRevio at this moment. I have learned a lot about how to measure and improve the developer life cycle using data from different data sources such as Github, Gitlab, Jira, etc.

What are your favorite memories from Flexiana?

Guild Meetings. In these spaces, we can share knowledge and experience with our colleagues.

Have you ever had a project that you were particularly proud of? What made it special?

I have been proud of all my projects, independently of the final result, there is always something to learn from every project. Particularly, my actual project, Gitrevio, has been a great experience for me because we are initiating this project from zero and the first version of this project will be ready in 1-2 weeks. I think we are creating a good product and the team has been focused on delivering good features in reasonable times.

How do you stay updated on industry trends and advancements in software development ?

My main sources for this topic are Twitter(AKA X), Discord, Slack, and a few tech blogs and podcasts related to the tech stacks of my interest.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in the software industry?

For someone just starting the career please read this and cultivate patience.

What excites you the most about working at Flexiana?

Working with people committed to delivering excellent products is always a good point. The variety of cultures and knowledge bases from all my colleagues is a big PRO as well.

How would you describe working at Flexiana in a word?


Any final thoughts or words of wisdom you’d like to share?

I hope we will continue putting our best efforts into transforming our creative energy into solutions that improve our lives.