Khatia Tchitchinadze

Posted on 19th June 2024

Questions to Ask a Potential Software Agency

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Picking the right software agency can be tricky, a bit like finding the perfect video game at the store. But asking the right questions can really help. Whether you are starting a brand new business or running a huge company, your software agency is like a partner that helps you reach your goals.

So, what questions should you ask a potential software agency?

Let’s find out:

What is Your Experience and Track Record?

Find out about the agency’s past work and how successful they’ve been. Ask them to show off their old projects, industries they’ve worked in, and any big wins they might have. A good agency should have a strong track record and be excited to share it.

What Tools Do You Use?

It’s important to know what tools and methods the agency uses to do their work. Ask about their technical skills, like languages they write code in, and how they work, like Agile or DevOps. These can ensure they’re perfect for your project.

Can I Talk To Your Old Clients?

Asking for contacts of their old clients can be really helpful. You can reach out to them to chat about what it’s like to work with the agency – this can give you great insights and peace of mind.

How Do You Communicate With Your Clients?

Good communication is like the glue that holds a good project together. How often will they update you? How will they solve problems? Great software agencies should be great at communicating, too.

How Do You Keep Things Secure?

Security is super important when it comes to software. Ask about how they keep things safe and secure. Make sure they’re up-to-date with security standards, especially if your project involves sensitive data.

What Will This Cost Me?

Knowing how the agency prices their work is key to planning your budget. Ask how much they charge, how they charge it and whether any extra costs might come up.

What About After The Launch?

Launching the software isn’t the end – support and maintenance are still necessary. How quickly will the agency fix any problems that come up? How do they handle updates?

To wrap up, asking the right questions can help you pick the perfect software agency, just like picking the perfect video game! Look out for their experiences, tools, communication and security practices, pricing, and post-launch support. This can lower your risks and ensure you pick a software agency that cares about your goals just as much as you do!