We provide quality and professional full-cycle digital services development, web application development, mobile application development and custom software development. Unlike common software houses, we are able to deliver a comprehensive, human-oriented solution and be your partner and mentor throughout the process from the very beginning to the implementation of the solution created. 

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience through our blog.

PAPRIKA: The Art of Decision Making

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How to create efficient and effective checklists in order to improve workflow?

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Did you know that usually 75 % of projects end in failure? This is how to avoid it.

It was about a month ago when our COO mentioned at our team meeting, one interesting piece of information from industry websites:… Read More

Client servicing

Healthy relationships with clients and customers are at the core of every successful business and are the most vital part of determining whether your… Read More

Working remotely – How to live and work better? Part II.

Recently due to modern technologies we have been observing the growing popularity of remote working, particularly in the IT sector. Thanks to common… Read More

Working remotely – How to live and work better? I.

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Agility in Flexiana

Agile is a set of processes and systems that have been growing in traction over the past few years. It was initially used by teams… Read More

Case Study: e-commerce information system

One of our customers is a well-known e-commerce company in the Czech Republic operating in a dynamic environment. The customer’s turnover was 25 billion CZK… Read More

Case Study: Building Payment Microservice

Our customer lacked capacities in his own development team. They needed to build a stable, complex application to manage their business processes that is… Read More

Clojure REPL

REPL stands for read-eval-print-loop, it is an interactive programming environment where a user may write a code directly into a terminal, the code is read,… Read More