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Your all-in-one Bitcoin and Monero Wallet for crypto business operations.

Services we provided:




Back-end development

Front-end development

Technologies used:




Blockchains of Bitcoin and Monero





BIPs and SLIPs

About Cicada Wallet

After discovering a gap in the market, a lack of Crypto solutions adapted to the unique needs of global businesses, we designed and developed Cicada Wallet.

Cicada Wallet is a Bitcoin and Monero Wallet that brings you the framework to operate as a company with cryptocurrencies.


Cicada Features
  • Multiple users account with different roles (CFO, accountant, employee)
  • Accounting friendly exports.
  • Simplify tax reports & calculation of capital gains tax.
  • Batch and recurring payments.
  • Peer-to-Peer exchange between Monero and Bitcoin.
  • Customize & integrate to other systems and platforms.
  • Integration with business intelligence platforms.
  • Track historic prices.
  • System for seed backup to prevent any money loss.
The process

Research and analysis

We conducted key stakeholder interviews to establish the pain points of the current existing processes and products. This resulted in persona studies to better understand our potential key users. In addition, a competitor analysis was performed to see how well these pain points were addressed by existing solutions available in the market.

This project had a significant research aspect throughout the whole development, needing to keep up with industry standards, BIPs and SLIPs. Working with innovative solutions like Swap P2P, the Peer-to-Peer exchange between Bitcoin and Monero, also required continuous research.

Service Design Workshops

In order to map out what the future service may look like, we involved all relevant stakeholders, such as accountants, financial stakeholders, CEOs and product owners. The mapping of the service was performed using service design methodologies, including Service Blueprinting. The service blueprinting workshops with all stakeholders were conducted using online collaboration tools such as Miro. We discovered gaps, anticipated future problems and found solutions using different methods and tools.


UI design

Having the full journey mapped out and knowledge of all key stakeholders, we could then design the interface of the tool to suit our different personas. With the use of tools such as Figma, our UX/UI designers created a design system and designed the complete tool. For this project, we had two designers, one working on the Cicada Wallet product and another one on the Cicada Wallet website and marketing material.



Finally, Cicada Wallet was successfully built by our experienced team of software developers, using technologies such as Clojure, ClojureScript, Blockchains of Bitcoin and Monero, TypeScript with Next.js (React, Tailwind), and more.



Throughout the final stages of the development, we conducted both internal and external unmoderated user tests to further gather feedback and polish the solution.


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