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With Frankie, it's easier to source, engage, recruit, and train the best talent.

Services we provided:




Front-end development

Back-end development

Technologies used:


ClojureScript with reframe Xiana

The monster

About Frankie

The need to automate HR and recruitment processes led us to design and develop our tool Frankie. Named after Frankenstein, it was a combination of four applications we used in our hiring process. But this monster isn’t one to fear. On the contrary, it provides busy HR teams the support they need to be more productive and organized.



 At the same time, Frankie provides applicants and newly onboarded employees their own interface with information and steady support throughout the hiring process.

Example features:

  • Tracking positions and candidates
  • Tracking interviews, and their results
  • Tracking what is the best team for a person
  • Tracking teams and their needs
  • Tracking stages and events that happen during the candidate evaluation
  • Allows to create flows, automation, and pages for candidates to keep them informed
The process

Research and analysis

We conducted key stakeholder interviews to establish the pain points of the current existing processes and products. This resulted in persona studies to better understand our potential key users. In addition, a competitor analysis was performed to see how well these pain points were addressed by existing HR and recruitment tools available in the market.


Service design workshops

To envision the future service, we involved relevant stakeholders, utilized service design methodologies like Service Blueprinting, and conducted collaborative workshops using online tools like Miro. Through this process, we identified gaps, anticipated issues, and found solutions using different methods and tools.


UI design

Having the full journey mapped out and knowledge of all key stakeholders, we could then design the interface of the tool to suit our different personas. With the use of tools such as Figma and Framer, our UX/UI designers created a design system and designed the complete tool.



Our experienced software development team successfully built Frankie using Clojure, ClojureScript with reframe, and our proprietary framework Xiana. Stakeholders actively contributed throughout the process, testing and collaborating with the development team.



Throughout the final stages of the development, we conducted both internal and external unmoderated user tests to further gather feedback and polish the solution.


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