About the Job

You will work in a team of four people distributed across the world. We work closely and collaborate every day learning from each other and combining our diverse experience to produce well-crafted software.

In broad terms, the team is responsible for the following

  • designing, implementing, and maintaining web applications for our customers
  • consulting our customers and advising them about the best technical approach to solve their problems
  • finding the best way to solve the business problems together with product owners
  • helping customers manage and renovate their legacy applications

Our team builds applications mostly using ReactJS on the front-end and NodeJS on the backend. We design the solutions and choose the technologies based on the problem we are trying to solve. We want to find the best way to solve the task together. Sometimes it means choosing between GraphQL and REST API. Sometimes it means deciding between staying with the current server-rendered application or rewriting it as single page application. We value the high quality of the code and follow software craftsmanship principles. We believe that writing tests and refactoring the code makes us faster and better.

To get a better sense of what you could be doing every day, here are some things we have worked on recently

  • write GraphQL API for managing records of our customer’s projects  
  • make adjustments to our front-end to behave better on mobile devices
  • write scripts to monitor the health of our customer’s websites
  • prepare automatic synchronization of customer’s users between an internal app and Slack
  • generate a designed image based on the data coming from the sports API and render it on the NextJS application

The team is versatile, and you will have an opportunity to work in different areas and with different technologies if you will. As a team, we take care of things like DevOps, backend, and front-end. You will not be expected to be an expert in all of them. You can learn from us, and we can learn from you. You will have a lot of freedom and autonomy to do great, creative work. Sometimes we need to tackle the problems and technologies none of us has a lot of experience with, but we are happy to take the challenge. We give each other a lot of support to deliver things together as a team.


  • Experience in ReactJS
  • Experience in writing services and scripts in NodeJS
  • Knowledge of TypeScript
  • The capability of implementing services in GraphQL or REST
  • Understanding of relational or non-relational databases
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS