Why codevelopment?

We don’t do outsourcing.

We don’t do body shopping.

We do codevelopment!

See our comparison below and decide on the right tool for yourself.

Of course we consider codevelopment the best way to easily spread the capacity of the developer team. But do you know why? We created this comparison table so you can see the differences clearly.

  Employee Bodyshop
Fast and easy adding of new people to the project Sometimes
The whole team share the same processes and tools
The feedback loop in development is fast and effective Sometimes
You get flexibility to lower the capacity fast Yes in the USA,
not in EU
Depends on contract
The team is externally coached
Your managers don’t have to take care of daily operations
You can get new suggestions for business
Enables new ways of cooperation (like remote)
You can get a coordinated team of people who know each other
Very rare

How it works:

  Employee Bodyshop
Budgeting Usually salary plus bonus Paid per hour/work day Paid per hour/work day Often fixed price or multiple milestones paid separately
Extra expenses
  • Time and budget needed for hiring good quality people
  • Time needed for onboarding new people
  • Licenses for software
  • Hardware and working place
  • Time needed for onboarding new people
  • Licenses for software
  • Hardware and working space
No extra expenses
  • Companies usually estimate more time needed “just in case” (and you usually pay it)
Cooperation Close cooperation as one team.
Using the same tools, same methodologies and culture.
Absolutely different methodologies, tools. Usually no cooperation between teams.
Flexibility Flexible in daily operations, hiring and firing can be an issue (especially in EU). Flexible in daily operations, hiring and firing is not a problem. Usually less flexible in daily operations, hiring and firing is not a problem
Requirements on your management Your managers need to manage daily operations, cooperation and scope of work. Education of the people and their motivation is on you. You can focus on your business, business scope and what’s the most valuable. Daily operations and other issues are managed by us.
Ability to acquire talent Usually limited to the area that is reachable by you. Better as the talent pool is shared between the company and the business partner. Much easier if you adopt remote codevelopment like we do in Flexiana.

You get direct access to a big pool of talent.
Better as the talent pool is shared. But the talent is in some way separated from the company, so it is not so valuable.

Do you consider codevelopment as a fast and easy way to spread your development capacities?

Just contact us and we will introduce you to our team: team@flexiana.com