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Posted on 22nd July 2020

Lean principles and tools for agile software development

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It gives agile tools a lean scheme and use them especially in Software companies. This content is especially for those who just have started working and gaining experience with agile methodology.

Mens explore code for agile software development

Lean Principles

  1. Eliminate waste
  2. Amplify Learning
  3. Decide as Late as Possible
  4. Deliver as Fast as Possible
  5. Empower the Team
  6. Build Integrity in
  7. See the Whole

Tools to use to apply these principles  

  1. Seeing Waste – question the value of everything while developing, if it adds no value, then it is a waste and should be limited or deleted
  2. Value Stream Mapping – measure the value-added time and waiting time and cut in half the biggest cause of delay
  3. Feedback – not only from the customer but also from the tools that are going to be used
  4. Iterations –  to implement a coherent set of features that the development team choose from to deliver in a short timebox
  5. Synchronization – multiple teams, organizational structures and interfaces sync, interact and stabilize
  6. Set-Based Development – develop multiple choices, communicate constraints not solutions, and choose the best
  7. Options Thinking – a way to delay making decisions and a way to provide the same benefit for customers
  8. The Last Responsible Moment –  the moment at which failing to make a decision eliminates an important alternative
  9. Making the Decision – making decisions by experts to quickly reduce the complexity of the problems
  10. Pull Systems – you set things up so workers can figure out for themselves what needs to be done, instead of telling them what to do
  11. Queuing Theory – measure the bottlenecks and variables affecting the process and optimize them
  12. Cost of Delay – If there is a cost-benefit or payback analysis the development team can understand the profit that can be made from features and make the right decision whether to include them.
  13. Self-Determination – let the team make decisions themselves and ask their manager to change the systems that prevent them from doing a good job
  14. Motivation – make the employees feel the belonging, safety, competency, and progress in the working environment and if needed they will voluntarily work overnight as well.
  15. Leadership – know the difference between managers and leaders, and make potential leaders, let’s call them master developers, manage the team and help in making decisions 
  16. Expertise – to develop a community of expertise in technical as well as domain knowledge and make functional matrixed value-added leaders and let them work, mentors and identify standards
  17. Perceived Integrity – design integrity by master developers and what customers have in mind
  18. Conceptual Integrity – a system’s central concepts work together as a smooth, cohesive whole, let’s say a perfect architecture.
  19. Refactoring – remove duplication when you add some sets of related items when new features are requested by users
  20. Testing – test the entire environment before a change is released
  21. Measurements – The way to be sure that everything is measured is by aggregation, measure the group not an individual
  22. Contracts – know why you’re writing a contract and what type of contract would be a win-win for you.
Eliminate WasteSeeing Waste
Value Stream Mapping
Amplify LearningFeedback 
Set-Based Development
Decide as Late as PossibleOptions Thinking
The Last Responsible Moment
Making Decisions
Deliver as Fas as PossiblePull Systems 
Queuing Theory 
Cost Of Delay 
Empower the TeamSelf-Determination
Build Integrity InPerceived Integrity 
Conceptual Integrity 
See the WholeMeasurements 


Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit (Agile software development series), Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck, Thomas David Poppendieck, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2003

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