Roman Tosnar

Posted on 1st July 2020

What is Service Design? Where is it most useful.

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Recently this year, we wrote on our blog that 75% of projects end in failure. And also the fact that we approach new projects with our clients using service design. Let’s now show what service design is and what is unique about it.

Comparison: Service Design vs. UX Design

UX Design is an approach to constantly improve the experience that users have with a website or mobile app. 

Service Design is an approach to designing services based on customer needs and the capabilities and skills of the provider. Its goal is to improve quality and communication between the service provider and their customers. During a successful application will be creating:

  • user-friendly and necessary customer services
  • competitive and trustworthy services for providers
Design team work on new opportunity.

The service designer does not focus only on the end-user solution. In addition, he uses all suggestions from the provider with the goal to eliminate errors that could arise in the future in the implementation of improvements or innovations.

What is unique about Service Design

It is a diagram – called a Service Blueprint – of the whole service, in which all activities and roles are displayed. The roles are placed on the vertical axis and the actions on the horizontal. The scheme shows the interconnection of activities and roles across the various phases of the service.

Service Blueprint

In what situations do we use service design

We have been using Service design since this May. We are approaching new cases, such as creating an add-on to an existing service, changing an existing service, creating a completely new service, or changing the direction of company.

Arrow is in center of target

So if you find yourself in a situation where you have difficulty with delivering changes in your company and you know that you need to make a change pretty fast, have a remote coffee with us and let’s discuss how we can lead you through our Service design process with a clear goal in mind – a successful completed project to improve your current services, or create new opportunities as a new service.

Via Service Design we will increase the satisfaction of your customers and employees who take care of your service. Or you can find yourself in the place where together we will find the new market or customers for you. Also Service Design can increase revenue and save costs.