Ado Omerhodzic

Posted on 16th December 2021

2021: The Highlights

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2021 is already coming to an end. It’s been a year where we have been extra grateful to be able to keep going, keep growing, and keep investing in new areas with our Clojure developers. Here are some of the highlights for 2021:

Employee milestone

In December of 2021, we reached an important milestone and can now proudly say that we grew from 64 to a team of 100 employees! We are now one of the biggest Clojure teams in the world. What’s even more exciting is that we are expanding globally, with several new employees based in Latin America as well as a hiring team with linguistic abilities to serve that market. Best of all; we haven’t stopped hiring! Check out our current vacancies if you’re curious about joining our team.

Client growth

What made the employee milestone possible was a 40-percent year-over-year growth in projects. We are looking forward to building services and solutions that will make more customers happy, employees satisfied and business goals fulfilled.

Product development in crypto

Perhaps the biggest news we have to share is Flexiana taking a big leap and starting developing its own product; Cicada. It is the very first crypto banking platform for the growing market of people investing in cryptocurrency as well as related solutions for businesses. Cicada will be available in 2022. Get the updates by joining our newsletter.

The Xiana framework

We are thrilled to announce Xiana: a lightweight web-application framework written in Clojure, for Clojure. The goal is to be simple, fast, and most important – a welcoming platform for web programmers with different backgrounds who want to experience the wonders of functional programming! It’s easy to install, fun to experiment with, and a powerful tool to produce monolithic web applications.


During the last year, we have also started designing and developing our own Human Resources tool Frankie. Frankie helps us and the candidates throughout the complete recruitment process, from an early stage to after onboarding. Frankie sources the candidates and our HR reviews the data and sends potential experts a meeting link. To be able to track the process of interviews, other tasks, and onboarding, the candidate’s information is added to our workspace. Our HR sets the first interview meeting. A questionnaire and test task are sent to the potential new colleague, and follow-ups are done.

Giving back to the community

We are a part of the Clojure community and as a way of giving back and supporting our community of Clojurians, we again sponsored :ClojureD Berlin Conference 2021. We are always looking for ways of helping the community. If you have ideas or suggestions for collaboration opportunities where we can make an impact, get in touch with us.