Elaheh Nazari

Posted on 23rd December 2022

2022: The Highlights

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The year is ending which gives us this opportunity to talk about some of our 2022 highlights:

Mob Programming

We decided to run and record programming sessions with our developers to help others inside and outside Flexiana learn more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on what we do next.

Organizational Guild

For better internal management and teamwork, we asked everyone in Flexiana to help with managing internal works, from implementing the best team management methods on in-house web application development to managing some campaigns, everyone in Flexiana can be helping each other as we have a flat organization.

Internal Conference

Constant Development of Xiana

Xiana is a lightweight web-application framework written in Clojure for every web programmer to experience functional programming. We developed and published it we made it better during this year for the best experience.

Releasing Frankie

Our HR team is using Frankie and its extension Mc-Service, mostly for the hiring process and we are going to prepare it for every other company to use according to their HR needs.

Multiple Events Participation and Giving Back to Community

Every year, we have joined different events to give back to the community as well as learn about other communities, some of these important events are, Dutch Clojure Days 2022, reClojure, :ClojureD, MoneroKon, and many more.

Started LATAM Clojure Meetup

As one of the largest employers of Latin American Clojure developers, we have noticed a lack of networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities for Clojurians from the region. To encourage developers we have now created meetups in Portuguese and Spanish.

Supporting Startups

We have supported startups that received over $450M in funding over the past 2 years. We truly believe that a venture in growth needs an experienced development partner. At Flexiana we pride ourselves on the fact that our average team member has 11 years of experience.

2022 highlights are great memories from everyone in Flexiana, we wish for a great 2023 with our members and partners, developing mobile apps, web apps, and other digital products and services to change the world.

We would like to finish our year by celebrating Clojure’s 15th anniversary!