Khatia Tchitchinadze

Posted on 27th March 2024

HR Insights: A Journey with Paola at Flexiana

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Welcome to our blog! Here, our HR Paola, will share some cool tricks and stories from her journey. Get ready to learn and have fun as she takes us through her adventures in the world of HR at Flexiana.

Hi, I'm Paola Farfan from Peru and a person who was hired mainly as a recruiter and support to my colleagues in HR tasks but with the passing of the months and with almost 3 years has been escalating and currently I also support in giving support to our developers, do project management and leadgen.

In these years as a recruiter at Flexiana I have realized that it is very important to have good management in the recruitment process and in HR processes in general. Above all, to be able to hire that person that fits the profile you are looking for with at least a 90% success rate. Have a lot of patience and empathy with everyone, even with people who are not very polite or who woke up with a bad temper the day you met them, has it ever happened to you? I remember once I contacted a person who had one of the profiles I was looking for, but this person only read the first part of my message, replying with "can't you read? I am not the profile you are looking for" and then I replied. Hi, thank you for your kind reply but I don't see any mistake, you are not a Full-stack with JavaScript and React knowledge.... but of course, I had only read the first position applied for which was for "Clojure Developer" haha he didn't say anything and just chose to tell me Ok, clearly I ruled him out of my contacts because one of the things we would never want to do is hire people with that attitude profile, what do you think about it?

I am one of those people who greets you as if you were a friend, that is 0 formality and that is something that Flexiana is characterized by, treat you as a friend, family member or someone you have known for a long time because I feel that way you break the ice from the first greeting, many of our successful hires have attracted candidates who are 100% professional, empathetic, with a positive attitude. This way we have a satisfying work environment, both with the client and with the team, you could say it's a good filtration of personnel.

If I have to give one piece of advice on this, it's to enjoy the process and don't stress about things like this because out of every 100 good candidates only 1 is like this person and if at some point we get it wrong, they will understand if we apologize sincerely.

I remember when I joined Flexiana, in one of our Monday meetings they told me "we are building something really cool for HR to improve the process" without knowing exactly what they meant, the only thing I knew was that the only tool I had at that time to register each candidate was an Excel assembled by me and linkedin.

After a while they gave me the news that I already had my account and password for what is "FRANKIE" and that please from now on I could register all my candidates or applicants to work with us and that I would receive a demonstration of its functionality. I can say that from that day the process accelerated and made my life easier as a recruiter!

Learning to use Frankie was much easier than I imagined because at first I was a little scared and confused because I was used to my old Excel, but when I started to have more contact with Frankie day by day, everything was changing for the better and I started to love it because it has a very practical functionality because I enter the profile of the person until it is chosen in a project or even when we must file it at the end of the project or contract.

One of the functionalities that I like and highlight is that when the candidate moves from one level to another, it notifies you to the registered email, both to yourself or the person in charge of the process and to the candidate himself, thus giving a very informed environment for both parties since one of the things that we have improved with this, is that the candidate is not left with the intrigue or the doubt of not knowing how his application process is going.

One more piece of advice I could give to all companies that have an HR team, is to never stop exploring new tools and improvements to your hiring process, to break the ice with your candidates, to not give that impression of "formality" that sometimes becomes very boring or intimidating to our candidates.

Let's take 100% advantage of the technology we currently have to improve our processes and let's not stay in a simple "excel" as I know that many companies do it only with the desire to "save" wasting their valuable time or better said, of their recruiters. Let's encourage ourselves to explore new things because nobody dies for being a good explorer of good things.