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Building a Stable and Scalable Payment Microservice for Starcity

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Back-end development

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About Scarcity

Starcity (now a part of Common.com), is a company focused on creating communities for people to live together. They faced challenges in managing their business processes and processing payments efficiently and needed a solution that could handle their current needs and accommodate future growth. Flexiana partnered with Starcity to develop a robust payment microservice that would automate fund transfers, be easily maintainable, and support future development.

Project Overview

Initially, Starcity had a monolithic application responsible for managing various aspects of their business. However, they required a more streamlined approach for processing payments between clients, real estate management companies, and their own team. Different payment types, such as monthly rental fees, subscriptions, deposits, and refunds, needed to be handled effectively.

Solutions and Approach

A dedicated team of developers, working remotely from different parts of the world, collaborated with Starcity to deliver the solution. Extensive analysis and close collaboration with the client’s team helped gain a deep understanding of the business domain, ensuring a solid foundation for development.

To achieve stability and extensibility, the payment module was separated into a microservice. Communication between the main application and the new microservice was established using HTTP and a GraphQL API. This approach facilitated efficient handling of payment-related entities and transactions.

Automation was a key aspect of the solution. The payment microservice monitored transactions and automatically processed fund transfers, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Balances of real estate accounts were also monitored to prevent negative balances.

Collaborative Work Culture

Flexiana’s team worked remotely, leveraging the advantages of flexible working hours and a comfortable work environment. Regular meetings, pair programming sessions, and knowledge-sharing activities ensured effective collaboration and continuous improvement


The collaboration between Flexiana and Starcity resulted in the successful development of a stable and scalable payment microservice. By automating fund transfers, improving code maintainability, and focusing on future development needs, Starcity can now optimize resources, reduce costs, and deliver a reliable payment system. 

The partnership was characterized by effective communication, attention to detail, and documentation to support future team members. Flexiana’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction enabled the timely delivery of the project.

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