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Building a Self-Service Dashboard for an Online Payment Platform

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About Zimpler

Zimpler is dedicated to providing fast and streamlined payment solutions, understanding the importance of saving time in transactions and building stronger customer relationships.

To further enhance their online payment platform, Zimpler partnered with Flexiana in 2019 to develop a self-service dashboard. Flexiana leveraged Clojure as the core technology for the backend and ClojureScript for the frontend, ensuring an efficient and seamless implementation process.


The Goal

Zimpler wanted to enhance their system by adding an administration dashboard called Self-care. This dashboard allows users to manage their preferences, view and handle transactions, and set up notifications. To achieve this, Flexiana worked on integrating the new dashboard into the existing platform without disrupting other functionalities.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to seamlessly add the administration dashboard to the complex payment platform and integrate it into the existing build and deployment process.

The Solution

Flexiana’s solution involved creating a user-friendly interface and a specialized backend. The existing technology stack was utilized, and improvements were made where necessary. Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) were implemented using AWS services to streamline the development and deployment process.

The Architecture

The Self-care dashboard consisted of two main components: an API for communication with other services and a user interface. These components were combined into a single package, simplifying deployment and maintaining compatibility with browser security measures. An authentication service was used to verify user identities, which was already in place for other parts of the platform, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

The Methodology

Flexiana followed the Twelve-factor app methodology, a best practice for building software-as-a-service applications. This methodology provided guidelines for structuring the code base, managing dependencies, handling configurations, and other important aspects. It allowed for consistent deployment and monitoring across different environments, such as development, staging, sandbox, and production

Next Step

Together, Zimpler and Flexiana created a user-friendly dashboard that empowers customers to take control of their transactions. The dashboard offers a range of self-service features, allowing users to easily manage their preferences, handle transactions, and set up personalized notifications. 

Moving forward, the delivery pipeline could be further improved by separating the backend and frontend deployments, allowing for faster delivery times. Flexiana successfully delivered a minimum viable product (MVP) of the Self-care application within a short timeframe, prioritizing solid and stable code to support future improvements.

Zimpler was satisfied with the quality of the delivery and the overall process, and continued the cooperation with Flexiana to further build their product.

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