Roman Tosnar

Posted on 26th June 2020

Our workshop on the topic: The agile method – How to do it

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On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, we organized an Agile workshop for the sales and marketing departments of Aura, which, like us, creates custom information systems using Agile methods. In the space of the co-working center Mo-cha, we started work on the adoption of agile methods for future use and connection with the development department.

Pavel Teichman shows agenda of workshop for Aura

Theory as building blocks of a new beginning

In the morning block our Pavel (COO in Flexiana) introduced participants to the usual definitions, best practices, regular rituals and our own experience gained from several previous jobs as well as from consulting activities. Within this block, we continuously connected the opportunities of Aura with the possibilities of using the acquired knowledge about Agile. With the help of our certified Pavel, we kicked out the process for a possible Agile transformation.

Lessons learned and achievements for a quick start

In the afternoon, the program was supplemented by Roman (Marketing Lead in Flexiana), who expanded the knowledge with practical examples of Marketing and Product Management. He shared lessons learned and achievements in the use of agile methods in large international companies in fields such as eCommerce, Utilities, Telco, Media and Banking. Roman also relied on his previous experience in these companies and consulting activities for Czech companies. Last but not least, he pointed out the pain points and the essential elements contributing to the goal, the future Service Design.

Team members of Aura and Flexiana discuss

The whole day went according to plan in a pleasant atmosphere with the help of our colleague Andrea, who looks after our internal affairs. We will not abandon the Agile method in our workshops in the future, and Business Agility came June 25, 2020.